When I first started working with Lesley, I wanted to become a writer and artist and would literally experience a migraine when I sat down to write or draw. Doing Jungian work and coaching with Lesley has been a life changing experience. I embarked an amazing journey that has taken me far beyond what I could imagine. Coaching is essential to integrate the knowledge we get from taking classes and reading books, and most importantly it is empowering. My perspective of everything changed thanks to this work. Lesley made me see how everything occurring in my life was useful to learn about myself and how everything I am experiencing stems from my mind, basically teaching me how much influence and power I had over my life with great patience, expertise and humour. I am happy to share that not only did I face my own fear of writing, but have also started my own writing and translation agency.

~ F. R., Berlin, Germany

When I began this process, there was a small but deep rooted seed of “Love happens for other people but not for me.” And my results reflected this. One cannot be successful at this process without the insight of a coach. The very nature of the way our minds work, leaves us “blind” in some areas to be able to figure it all out on our own. I love working with Lesley as her talent lies with her true gift of coaching, she can see, where I cannot, she is patient, and has a way of illuminating what I need to work on that is kind yet poignant. Through this work and Lesley’s coaching, the journey was tough, but worth the end result. Love happened….for me. Thank you, Lesley!

~ JN, New York

I used to consider myself ‘dysfunctional’, as many do, with attraction and relationships. I was the last man standing in my group of friends and family who had not found someone. That’s when I began to think something was wrong with me. Others would say things like,” Maybe your too picky. You’re probably just set in your ways. Maybe you like men not women.” I even felt rejected by potential partners on this basis. The belief that there must be something wrong with me because I’ve never been married seemed real. I accepted that being alone was my fate and I was destined to a lonely life.

Until I met Lesley. Her experience, insight, and caring ability to enlighten me changed how I saw myself. It also gave me the knowledge to understand how my mind had created being alone and how to work to shift that. Now, not only am I in love, I have the skills to be better to myself and my partner. My relationship is healthy and fulfilling and I’m so grateful for that. The higher knowledge I learned from Lesley is lasting and strengthening, and also contributes to getting through times that would have otherwise been devastating.

Thanks to Lesley I have and will continue to have a better life. The power of her knowledge and ability to instill such in others is exceptional. Thank you so much and best to you…

~ Brian D., MA

I have worked alongside with Lesley for a year now. In this past year, I have benefited from Lesley’s caring guidance and coaching. She has been instrumental in enabling me to experience my deeper self and set the path for greater clarity in all aspects of my life. She demonstrates not only mastery for her ability as a coach, but also is a reliable friend. The rare mix of wisdom, guidance, and empathy makes Lesley a lifelong advocate for those who are in the path of self-discovery and higher learning.

~ Anu, New Jersey

I decided to coach with Lesley for 3 months initially, thinking I just needed a little help as I understood the concepts well. However, I soon realized the mind is a trickster and one definitely needs a guide. It is not possible to navigate the unconscious on your own. This work is very deep and spiritual and you can expect to be empowered. I found that everything I sought in the outside world (love, wealth, abundance) lies within me. But I needed a trained coach like Lesley to help me understand how to train my mind and it is a practice, not an overnight change. As a result, the purpose of my life elevated from desiring things to freeing my mind, which is where true happiness resides.

~ Ramneek, Kashmir, India