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3 Keys To Finding The One

Attract How do we attract the love of our life? Magnetize them through some diabolical force or meet them by the mercy...

3 (Real) Reasons He Disappeared

Real Reason #1: Real intimacy scares him. It’s safe for a man to pursue a physically or emotionally unavailable woman. She...

3 Commandments Of Turning Your Love Life Around

Mind Is The Source Have you ever been on a date and felt an amazing connection, only to find out...

Find True Love This Year!

Do you notice an unwanted pattern in your love life? If so, you’re about to discover why. We take a lot of...

Why Relationships Don’t Get Off The Ground: Method To Make It Last

The relationship we’ve always dreamed of is more within reach than we think.  That can sound far fetched if we’ve...

How To Get Unstuck In Love

Ditch The Dating Tips Many of us have resorted to reading books or taking courses to guide us from the...

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Client Testimonials

  • "Doing Jungian work and coaching with Lesley has been a life changing experience. I embarked an amazing journey that has taken me far beyond what I could imagine. Coaching is essential to integrate the knowledge we get from taking classes and reading books, and most importantly it is empowering. My perspective of everything changed thanks to this work. Lesley made me see how everything occurring in my life was useful to learn about myself and how everything I am experiencing stems from my mind, basically teaching me how much influence and power I had over my life with great patience, expertise and humour."
  • “One cannot be successful at this process without the insight of a coach. The very nature of the way our minds work, leaves us “blind” in some areas to be able to figure it all out on our own. I love working with Lesley because she provides all methods of support, through coaching sessions and email. And when times get really challenging she makes herself even more available. But ultimately her talent lies with her true gift of coaching, she can see, where I cannot, she is patient, and has a way of illuminating what I need to work on that is kind yet poignant. She is not only my coach, but she has become my mentor and friend.”
  • "I have worked alongside with Lesley for a year now. In this past year, I have benefited from Lesley’s caring guidance and coaching. She has been instrumental in enabling me to experience my deeper self and set the path for greater clarity in all aspects of my life. She demonstrates not only mastery for her ability as a coach, but also is a reliable friend. The rare mix of wisdom, guidance and empathy makes Lesley a lifelong advocate for those who are in the path of self-discovery and higher learning."

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